Every new beginning is also an excuse to look back to what has been done so far. A moment of pause that for us has meant thinking intimately about who we are, what we do, and what we believe in.
Through this reflection seven principles have arisen. They have been within us forever, but we now believe the time has come for them to be explicited, and we have translated them into seven different "tiles", inspired to Italian tradition.


As our slogan has always stated, we believe in the extraordinary value of emotions. Deep inside, they are what we truly are, and the most authentic meaning of our job and of life itself.


Literal translation from ancient Japanese "Ichi go - Ichi E", it can also mean "just this time" or "once in a lifetime". It is the concept according to what every event, every meeting, every moment is a unique blossoming of new experiences, and, precisely for its unique features, it must be worthily celebrated.


"One step forward" represents the question we always ask ourselves: how can we take another little step forward? How can we improve what we are doing? What is there just beyond the limit of "already done" and "already seen"?


Connected as a network, we are a team with all our colleagues, but, in a broader vision, also with our clients and suppliers. And it is exactly realising we are part of a single team what allows us to win the most difficult challenges.


Different ideas, cultures, forces, interests make us stronger, richer. Diversity is at the basis of a collettive beauty, and it still surprises and shines when the points in common between worlds apart come afloat in all their strenght.


Awareness there is always something to learn, and that everything is connected with everything. An infinite wheel of pages that have already been written, pages yet to be read, and pages yet to be written, absorbing experiences and energies of those who have faced the same questions before us.


The rational art of balancing costs and benefits, actions and reactions, pros and cons. But it is also a reminder so that a balance between work and private life, between reason and sensibility is striken. And a memento to the fact that everything is in balance, whether we realise it or not.

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